Discarding All The Fat Through Healthy Weight Loss

  • Posted on: 20 July 2017
  • By: admin
I never thought that I would have this body ever in my life as I grew up to be a fat boy, although I was tall in most of my batch, I was still obese and overweight. While I was on my senior years, I was always teased and bullied at school of being big. Although I did never let them know that I am affected with what they tell me, although it has a psychological effect on me. I am quite shy, and does not want to talk too much with others, and sometimes hope people would not see me that I exist. Learn more about Houston weight loss clinics on this site.

I was never the sporty type since I am on the big side, and I would give all the reasons in the world why I will not join an activity or school event. And during my high school graduation, I was embarrassed in front of all the graduates and their parents and to my parents as well, when I was about to go up the stage to get my diploma, and somebody called me out with such a teasing name. That day onwards, I told myself I would undergo a real change and I started to diet, choose what I eat, skipped fast food in my list and consumed mostly fruits and vegetables. I started to do walking and exercise about an hour a day, and lost a lot of weight on the first month.

Then on my third month, I get myself in Houston weight loss clinics and I would now spend two hours doing treadmill or elliptical trainers in the morning, then lift some weights in the afternoon. And during our first year reunion, everyone was awed, and some did not even recognize me anymore. I am not the “fat boy” anymore, and was now the “hunk” of the batch then girls started to talk to me as I become cool with the guys.