Types of Lawyers

  • Posted on: 21 August 2017
  • By: admin

Lawyers are people that handle the cases where people are entangled with the law. These people don’t necessarily have to be arrested or done some criminal aspects as people can be sued for the silliest things as such. There are of course there are different kinds of lawyers that people can hire. Just like some of the best Houston personal injury attorney and lawyers. Just like those that are a part of John K. Zaid & Associates, PLLC. Now here are just some of the types of lawyers that you can hire. Source for more about PLLC.

Just a few types of lawyers that you can hire

There are of course the basic practitioners of the law. These are the lawyers that handle basic and criminal cases. They can be the ones handling the prosecution or defense. Then again the lawyers are usually classified as either a defense lawyer or even a prosecutor.

There are those that handle corporate or business matters. They are also called as company lawyers that handle the company’s legal aspects. These could include business transactions or even those that deal with customer problems like when a customer is suing the business.

There are lawyers that handle family problems. Just like lawyers that deal with wedding, divorce, settlements and child custody matters.

There are those that fall under the miscellaneous banner like those that handle injury claims. These could also be those that handle insurance fraud, false claims and others.

Just a few things to remember

Just because they are a lawyer that specializes on one field, doesn’t mean that they don’t practice the basic aspect of law.

Depending on their needs, people can hire the type of lawyer but of course the fee may vary but it also is due to name value and others.