Custom 1911 Pistol: Expensive or Affordable

  • Posted on: 3 October 2017
  • By: admin

The 1911 Pistol is actually not expensive at all. But if you talk about Custom 1911 ones, they are relatively expensive because its design is more modernized and optimized with modern technology such as plastic molding, the use of stamped sheet metal parts, and MIM (Metal Injection Molding). What makes the design more expensive today is that, these models must still be made from forgings, and of complex machined small metal parts. Labor or machine made, both are expensive. If you are more curious about custom 1911 then you can learn more about it on
But if you are handgun enthusiast, you’ll noticed that there are 1911s which are cheaper. It’s because, some parts have been adapted to MIM, while some parts can be made of plastic. Some manufacturers use castings rather forgings.

The Custom 1911s are expensive, but when you buy such item, a greater portion of your money is going to your gun as it provides you with good performance. It also depends on the manufacturer. There are manufacturers of Custom 1911 pistolsthat sell such model below $700, but you have to carefully examine the gun. Most Of these designs ranges from $700 to $1000. But there are really those that range even up to $3000. If you get a $300-$400, then likely you are getting a 1911 with WW1 version.

I understand that getting a hand gun is an investment. If you are willing to spend much dollars, be sure to get your hand gun from those good and reliable manufacturers. You can actually them from different sites. For easier access to one of the fine makers of Custom 1911, you may visit and see their deals. Surely, your money won’t get wasted if you make a transaction with Accuracy X. Aside from Custom 1911 pistols, they also offer custom rifles in different series. Guaranteed, your “toys” are made of high-end technological materials.