Lie Detector Test: Testing Out Your Trust For Your Partner

  • Posted on: 17 October 2017
  • By: admin

When it comes to having a relationship, trust should be the most solid foundation. Once trust slowly withers and crumbles down, the chance for the relationship to be fixed will be harder and it could take several months, if not, years.

The most common issue that destroys the trust between in relationships, especially married couples, is adultery. Adultery occurs when your partner decides to have a relationship with someone in secret while your partner is married to you. Adultery is also the most common issue why couples decide to file for divorce. has various tutorials related to lie detector test.

How To Investigate If Your Partner Is Committing Adultery?

In cases of Adultery, the pieces of evidence are somewhat shallow quite loose since the evidence are mostly verbal and not physical. It’s in these circumstances that the use of polygraph exam is mostly preferred by investigators. Polygraph exams or commonly known as the lie detector test is extensively anused device for resolving issues involving relationships.

• Infidelity questions are asked by the examiner to determine if their partner is engaged in any sexual activities (this includes kissing) and if their partner is accompanied by someone during a specific time period.

• Their partner’s history is also tackled in polygraph exams. This usually tackles about their person’s history or background like the activities they’re involved before. For example, gambling, drugs, or sexual activities from a different person.

• The Polygraph can also detect how long their partner spends their time on the internet forums, chat rooms, or pornographic sites.

Apart from the test itself, the examiner must be qualified in performing the polygraph exam. The examiner should be well-trained in regards to using the polygraph and they must know a lot about the case or the situation. Once the test is done, the results are sent containing all the written reports.